Gerashchenko told about the details of the bill, which improves the return of stolen assets

Геращенко рассказал подробности о законопроекте, который совершенствует возврат украденных активов

The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko told about the details of the bill, which improves the return of stolen assets. He declared it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the bill provides that the absence of the owners of the assets will not interfere with the investigation.

“If there is any evidence that there are any assets, and the person is hiding, the act has a unique opportunity. First, to print ads on the website of the GPU and higher courts about what starts the process of confiscation of this asset, and will be given time to that person to appear or to present his lawyers. If he fails to provide its representatives with the prominent lawyer from free legal aid, which will protect this property. It is important to understand that this process will be persecution of individuals, and the pursuit of property. The person may be prosecuted in the criminal process, and here is the prosecution of the property to ascertain its integrity, of its acquisition. And then the lawyer from free legal aid will find their ways to prove and to protect the property, if not his owner,” he said.

He noted that the law allows to put a question to the official, his family or related persons in question to justify the legal origin of the funds, which were received on certain assets.

“This law is limited by the fact that not in every case, it will be possible to do it. Only the attorney General or his first Deputy may submit such claims”, he added.

This bill, as Gerashchenko said, applies not only already stolen assets, but also will act in the present and in the future.

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We will note, the bill has already been sent for expert evaluation of EU and Council of Europe.

Earlier it was reported that there was created a working group to develop a single bill to return the assets that were acquired through criminal activity by former high-ranking officials of times of Victor Yanukovych. Rada in March in the first reading adopted the draft law No. 4057 “On amendments to the criminal procedure code of Ukraine regarding the features of the forfeiture to the state monetary funds, currency values, government bonds of Ukraine Treasury obligations of Ukraine, precious metals and/or stones, other valuables and income from them before the sentencing court.”

The revised bill on special confiscation is expected to provide the possibility of a return to the state funds of Yanukovych and his associates.

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