Gerashchenko told about the last days of the Maidan

Геращенко рассказала о последних днях Майдана

Five years ago, began the shootings on the Maidan

Iryna Gerashchenko has shared his memories of the clashes on 18-20 February in Kiev and unveiled unique pictures of those times.

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko told about the attacks on Maidan from 18 to 21 February 2014. She has also published personal photos of those times on his page in Facebook .

The MP wrote that these three terrible day will remain forever in her memory. She told how she with other female MPs had to be dragged to the nurse’s office Happy the wounded, to agree with the “matyuklivy and a drunk-Maidan” for them to leave soon.

“The evacuation of the seriously wounded with a broken head…the First ambulance with the heavy rush and we boarded police the streets in the 17 th hospital. A three-day duty. 2 Afghans at the entrance to discourage injured, if the police come. Journal of the wounded, which the red cross out those who have died. Hundreds of Kiev under the Windows, shouting: Ira, what medications and drugs you need, tell me now!” – she wrote.

As reported today in Ukraine the fifth anniversary of the shootings on the Maidan. On the Maidan 18-20 February 2014 killed more than 100 people, called “Heavenly hundred”.

We will remind, in GPU reported about the investigation of the Maidan. Most of the 4,700 crimes that were committed against activists of the Maidan, are disclosed. The suspicion was reported by 442 people. In relation to the 279 individuals indictments are sent to court.

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