German businesses have urged the EU to protect you from new US sanctions against Russia

Немецкий бизнес призвал ЕС защищаться от новых санкций США против России

USA needs to consider that Germany’s relationship with Russia is much more intense, and she pursues them in its own interests, said Wolfgang Buchele.

The German business leaders criticise plans to expand U.S. sanctions against Russia, which could be affected company from Germany.

This is stated in the statement of the Chairman of the Eastern Committee – the Eastern Association of German economy (OAOEV) Wolfgang Buchele, published on Friday, August 10.

“All these attempts of extraterritorial application of U.S. sanctions violate our democratic rights serennia, so we must protect ourselves from them no matter against what countries directed these measures,” said Buchele.

He expressed hope that the European Union and the German government will continue to adhere to the position that the proliferation of U.S. sanctions on companies from other countries contrary to international law. He proposed to extend to Russia the EU Regulation on the protection from the sanctions of the United States, which protects European companies doing business with Iran.

The document States that in addition to new sanctions in connection with the poisoning Skrobala in the UK, the content of which is still unknown, the U.S. Congress is considering four competing bill to expand sanctions against Russia.

“They all involve the spread of American law on European company involved in energy projects with Russia, as well as increased pressure on European banks to force them to stop financing projects with Russian participation”, – said in a statement.

Buchele generally welcomed the statement in the US about the coordination of planned sanctions by the European Union. However, in his opinion, coordination cannot mean forcing Europeans to follow the lines of the United States, as stated in one of the bills that are now in Congress.

“The US should consider that our relationship with Russia is much more intense, and we are pursuing their own interests, which should be respected,” said Buchele.

We will remind, on Wednesday, August 8, the United States announced new sanctions against Russia because of the incident in the British Salisbury c 22 Aug. Washington is using sanctions intended to achieve better behavior on the part of the Russian government.

In turn, the Kremlin has called the new measures are unacceptable, the Russian foreign Ministry has promised mirrored response.

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