German carmakers are suspected of collusion

Немецкие автоконцерны подозревают в сговоре

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler for several decades held a secret meeting.

Five major automakers from Germany, possibly joined with each other in cartels. On Friday, July 21, the newspaper writes Der Spiegel, citing information provided to regulatory authorities by Volkswagen.

According to this information, since the early nineties, the representatives of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler met regularly with each other. These meetings were attended by over 200 professionals organized into more than 60 working groups.

Therefore, German car manufacturers have replaced market mechanisms of competition and secret agreements. In particular, the meetings focused on sourcing and cost of components.

It was on one of such meetings was the decision that marked the beginning of the scandal around fiddling with the exhausts of diesel engines, writes Der Spiegel.

Information about these meetings, the regulatory authorities have sent and Daimler. The publication suggests that the manufacturers are trying to mitigate the possible penalties.

If the information on cartel agreements is confirmed, the conspiracy of the automakers could be one of the largest cartel scandals in German history, notes Der Spiegel.

We will remind, recently the concern Daimler was accused of manipulating data on the harmful emissions.