Germany gained on the crisis in Greece more than a billion euros

Германия заработала на кризисе в Греции больше миллиарда евро

Green called it immoral and called for the transfer interest received to Athens.

Loans to Greece and buying Greek bonds brought Germany the revenues of 1.34 billion euros. This was announced on Wednesday, July 12, the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, with reference to the answer of the Ministry of Finance of Germany on the issues of the green faction in the Bundestag.

So, credit to Athens via the state Bank KfW has brought to Berlin the interest in the amount of € 393 million. The share of the profit gained in Germany in 2015 in the framework of the European Central Bank to buy Greek bonds amounted to 952 million euros.

“Green” has urged the Federal government to list Greece that profit.

“The fact that Germany is earning on the crisis in Greece could legally. But in the moral sense of solidarity is illegitimate,” leads the Süddeutsche Zeitung expert word “green” on budgetary matters Sven-Christian Kindler.

We will remind, in June the Council of Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries (Eurogroup) agreed on the possibility of allocation of Greece next tranche of financial aid 8.5 billion euros.

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