Germany has expelled five projects of Nord stream-2

ФРГ исключила пять проектов из Северного потока-2

Three of these projects are still not sufficiently developed in two is no longer necessary.

The Federal network Agency for the development of the gas transportation network in Germany, was expelled five projects from the plan of expansion of Nord stream – 2 due to their “unreliability,” says the message of the regulator.

It was assumed that network operators will construct branches of the pipeline in the amount of 4.5 billion euros, but the implementation of five projects were rejected “due to uncertainty” during the construction of the second phase of the Russian gas pipeline.

“The five projects associated with the expansion of the NordStream project, in our estimation, is still too unreliable.

They should be taken in the network development plan only when they permit the expansion of the NordStream 2″, – said in a press release from the Agency.

However, three of these projects are still not sufficiently developed, so the Agency is not yet able to validate them.

In the implementation of two more projects, according to information from operators of pipelines, is no longer necessary due to changed plans.

“These amendments we protect German gas consumers from unnecessary costs. Expensive projects for the expansion of the German gas network should be implemented only if they are necessary,” – said the Minister Jochen Homan.

The development plan of the gas transmission network is compiled every two years by the operators of pipelines and verified by the Federal Agency for networks.

The decision on the necessary measures for the development of gas networks is obligatory for operators.

Germany just approved the entry 822,6 kilometers of new pipelines and 429 MW of compressor capacity for the sum of 3,9 billion euros.

Project Nord stream-2 involves the construction and operation of the pipeline system with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea.

On 13 July it was reported that Ukraine proposes the EU to establish an international consortium on the basis of the Ukrainian gas transport system as an alternative to Nord stream-2.

Earlier, Russia accused Europe of sabotaging Nord stream-2.

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