Germany has reduced the export of arms

Германия уменьшила экспорт вооружений

The German APC Fuchs

For two years in Berlin gives out fewer permits for arms supplies abroad. The largest importers of the products of the German defense industry are Algeria, Egypt and Lithuania.

Germany has reduced the number of permits for the export of weapons. As follows from the special report of the government, which will be officially presented on Wednesday, June 20, 2017 were issued permits for arms supplies to other countries in the amount of 6.24 billion euros.

This is almost 9% lower than a year ago. Most weapons in the history of the countries Germany exported in 2015. Indicators of 2017 takes the third position in the dynamics of the supply of arms over the years.

39.2% of deliveries for European countries and NATO countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In 2016, their share was 46.4%.

Another trend observed in the supply of weapons and military equipment to third countries. Here in 2017, there was an increase in exports from 3.67 billion euros to 3.79 billion. This is due to the conclusion of large transactions with individual countries , in particular, for the supply of frigates to Algeria and the submarine to Egypt.

Algeria and Egypt are the largest importers of the products of the German defense industry. In Algeria to 2017 were allowed to deliver arms in the amount of 1.36 billion euros, in Egypt for 708 million For them by the volume of German military imports followed by Lithuania, Japan, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

The supply of arms to Saudi Arabia was in Germany repeated criticism from the opposition. The reason for it was war waged by coalition under the leadership of Riyadh in Yemen and the situation with human rights in Saudi Arabia itself. The government report says, however, that Berlin holds a “restrictive and responsible policy in the field of arms exports”.

Recently it became known that in the near future, the Council will allow the direct export to all manufacturers of arms and equipment to Ukraine.

Source: Russian service of DW


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