Get ready money. As will be fined for speed

Готовьте деньги. Как будут штрафовать за скорость

Today the patrol police, armed with a TruCam radar, began to penalize drivers for speeding.

Few years the speed limit on Ukrainian roads in General has not been controlled. The number of accidents talked about the fact that more can not continue.

In 2017 the accident in Ukraine killed 3432, 34 677 were injured. According to the head of national police of Sergey Knyazev, every day in Ukraine in road accidents on average killed eight people and 92 people injured. Speeding traffic is one of the main causes of accidents.

The country promised a system of video fixation of violations of traffic rules, but it still has no money. Therefore adopted an intermediate solution is returned to the individual road police radars TruCam.

How this will work and will allow you to reduce the number of violations, understood the

What are the penalties

The penalty for speeding more than 20 km/h will amount to 255 hryvnias. The penalty for speeding more than 50 km/h – 510 hryvnia.

Police radar can be found on sites of highways of international importance and in cities with a high level of accidents due to speeding. In Kiev, for example, cops with TruCam will stand on the prospectus of Victory and victories.

Also the radar on the following roads:

  • Volyn oblast: H-22 Ustyluh – Lutsk – Rivne; M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodin.
  • Donetsk oblast: M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk.
  • Zhytomyr oblast: M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodyn; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Transcarpathian region, M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region: N-10 Stryi – Ivano-Frankovsk – Chernovtsy – novoselitsa.
  • Kyiv region, M-03 Kyiv – Kharkiv – Dolzhansky; M-05 Kyiv – Odesa; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop; M-07 Kyiv – Kovel – Yagodin.
  • Lviv oblast: M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Mykolaiv oblast: M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk.
  • Odessa oblast: M-05 Kyiv – Odesa; M-14 Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk, M-15 Odessa – Reni.
  • Poltava oblast: M-04 Znamenka – Lugansk – Izvarino.
  • Rivne region: R-05 Horodysche – Sarny – Rivne – Starokostiantyniv; M-06 Kyiv – Lviv – Chop.
  • Chernivtsi region: N-10 Stryi – Ivano-Frankovsk – Chernovtsy – novoselitsa.
  • Chernihiv oblast: M-01 Kyiv – Chernihiv – New Yarylovychi.

Hide in the bushes with the radar gun the police will not. About the photo – and videofiksatsii violations will inform in advance the relevant road signs. Additionally, in the fixation of violations will be the official car with the included beacons are blue.

According to the Rules of the road, as experts remind, the vehicle shall, when passing next to that patrol car (blue lights flashing) to reset the speed to 40 km / h. That is, if all the features of the application are respected, then the violation will not be fixed — drivers can slow down.

How it works

The TruCam version that started to use patrol is a handheld laser locator, integrated with a digital camera. For a long time it could not apply, as it was not certified.

According to the national police, the device was already certified, you can apply it. However, while for the operation transferred only 25 “Trukhanov”, but more to come soon, promise in the Ministry.

First Deputy head of patrol police Department Alexey Biloshitsky argues that the TruCam device allows you to record the speed at a distance of about 1,200 m.

Data TruCam will be transmitted over a secure channel to the server of the patrol police. The decision on drawing up regulations on the spot to take a patrol. In case of impossibility to detain the offender, the patrol will decide what to do with informacia of the violation, and whether to refer her next patrol or stationary posts.

Gradual process

The government say that the return on the road manual speed meters, is the first step to reduce the number of people killed in accidents. The next stage – installation on patrol cars mobile devices. They will fix the violations even during the movement of the police car.

Subsequently, streets and trails will be equipped with automatic cameras, which actually has been discussed for several years.

There are doubts

With the advent of information about the return of the radar in society from talking about the fact that this sentence reform of the police. Because radar is a tool in the fight against consequences and not reasons.

There is another very serious drawback: the patrol, he decides he will “hunt” on a specific car or not. That creates opportunities for selective nature of the speed control. While the automatic locking system and gather information on violation of traffic regulations eliminate the human factor.

Automotive journalist, the founder of the blog Eugene Mujiri says that drivers on the streets of Ukrainian cities are accustomed to ride fast and break the speed limit because of impunity. But in fact, a more rapid movement does not give a noticeable gain in time.

“The length of Victory Avenue in Kiev – 9.5 km, Bazhana Avenue – 5.5 km two highway, where everyone used to go fast, because there are three lanes in one direction and you can take the left lane and “imbedded”. If earlier is the distance you drove in six minutes at the speed of 90-100 km per hour, now you will pass it in nine minutes. Needless to argue, for three minutes? Speeding – from impunity,” the expert believes.

But that will only be removed if the radar impunity – the question is still open.