GFS: Almost half of Ukrainian millionaires – women

ГФС: Почти половина украинских миллионеров - женщины

The largest amount of income declared resident of the Dnieper river

Income over 1 million UAH have already declared 1120 citizens. The largest number of millionaires in Kyiv.

In the midst of the campaign of declaring of income received in the year 2018, the Ukrainians have filed nearly 100 thousand tax declarations on a property state and the income declared total income in the amount of 13.5 billion On Friday, March 22, informs the SFS.

According to the Ministry, revenues in the amount of over UAH 1 million was declared 1120 citizens. The structure of income 35% of the total number of millionaires has declared the income from operations on sale (exchange) property, and 24% receive any other taxable income and 20% from the transfer of property in lease (sublease).

The greatest number of persons having incomes over a million and already filed their declarations, remains traditionally in Kiev – 35% of the total number (396), in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions such payers 9%(101 and 96, respectively).

“The largest amount of taxable income – more than 500 million UAH – were declared by the resident of the Dnieper to receive operations in a gift of property from a family member first-degree relatives,” noted in the GFS.

It is noted that 40% of millionaires were women aged 18 to 78 years. The youngest declared income from inheritance. The young man who declared incomes of over UAH 1 million, almost 18 years. The oldest – 83 years, he received the proceeds of transactions on alienation of property.

Recall that the income of more than 1 million UAH on results of the Declaration campaign-2018 declared 4817 citizens.

In January 2019 335 citizens declared revenues of over 1 million UAH, received in 2018.


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