Girkin: We did not shoot down MH17 due to lack of funds

Гиркин: Мы не сбивали MH17 за неимением средств

Girkin, said that separatists could not shoot down the plane

Strelkov said that the separatists did not have the means to shoot down the plane.

Igor Girkin (Strelkov) answered the questions of the Downing in 2014 the Malaysian Boeing during a debate with Navalny. He said that the separatists could not shoot down due to lack of funds.

Recall, 17 July 2014, when Strelkov held the post of “Minister of defence DNR” over Ukraine was downed MH17 passenger Boeing airlines Malaysia Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All were on Board 298 people were killed.

“The same thing that happened to me before, I will answer. The militia, the Boeing was shot down for lack of funds with which it could knock down,” said Shooters.

“All means of defense that were at my disposal consisted of five MANPADS “Igla” and one “Strela-10”, which at the time of the fall of Boeing was in Zugres and covered Zugres. Accordingly, the militia, subordinate to me, Boeing could not knock down from the word “rubbish,” said Shooters.

He also said that he is ready to swear on the Bible that famous message about “fallen bird” also did not write.

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