Gladkovsky has arrested for two months

Гладковского арестовали на два месяца

Gladkovsky arrested, but he can make bail

Oleg Gladkovsky can get out of custody, if you will make a Deposit of $ 10.6 million. It may also appeal this decision within five days.

Former Deputy national security Council Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky sent to jail for two months with possibility of bail in the amount of 10 623 130 hryvnia. The corresponding decision was made Higher anti-corruption court, reports Gromadske on Saturday, October 19.

An appeal of the decision may be filed within five days. Lawyers for Oleg Gladkovsky noted the illegality of the detention of their client and the unreasonableness of the risk. Defenders claimed that the Gladkovsky for three years 265 times traveled abroad and returned, and it indicates the absence of intention to evade the investigation.

Also, the lawyers noted that the Gladkovsky no longer holds the position of Deputy Secretary of the NSDC, and therefore does not have the close ties that could hamper the investigation.

The defence also noted that the Gladkovsky took a lot of the searches and the risk of destruction or concealment of evidence is unfounded. Lawyers asked to release Gladkovsky on personal recognizance or on bail. The courtroom arrived two deputies, one candidate and a former MP (Maksym Savrasov, Rostyslav Pavlenko, Andrey Serebryansky, Oleg Zimin) who were willing to take the suspect on bail.

The suspect stated that it continues a hunger strike in protest, has no relationship to the company Bogdan motors that was not going to flee the country, and had return tickets and that the decision to search for another supplier was made on the basis of the bankruptcy case: KrAZ (a competing company MAZ).

Gladkovsky told how he was detained

Earlier, Poroshenko called the mistake the appointment of his associate Oleg Gladkovsky first Deputy Secretary of national security and defense.

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