Global warming “killed” a kind of animal

Глобальное потепление "убило" целый вид животных

Global warming was first “killed” a kind of animal

A rare species of rat that lived on a sandy island in the Great Barrier reef officially declared extinct.

Australia has seen the “first victim” of global warming. It has caused the extinction of whole species. It is reported

Australian reef rat was discovered in 1845 and 2019, was listed among species threatened with extinction.

Monday, February 18, reef mozaichist the rat was recognized as extinct. No representative of this species was not observed in 2009.

Thus, the Australian rat was the first mammal to be extinct due to global warming. Scientists believe that it provoked the death of whole species.

Before scientists learned that by the end of the century, the summer will be a killer for people. It was also reported that the ocean color changes due to global warming.

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