Go into battle fists, or How did the Ukrainian parliamentarians in the past year

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

The outgoing year will be remembered not only Ukrainians visa-free regime with the EU, which has not been introduced, electronic declarations, new rates or plan a “Rod”. A highlight in the local political season is traditionally added loud, and most importantly – the public explanation of the relationship between parliamentarians, which took place under a sight of television cameras. Of the most memorable parliamentary fights and skirmishes in 2016 – in the material 112.ua.

Parasyuk – Vilkul: live ended with riots

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

The first and only item in our collection is the fight between two parliamentarians that took place outside the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. On 22 September after the broadcast of “Evening Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, which was the co-chair of the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul and non-faction people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk, there was a showdown between the two parliamentarians. It was the result of repeated skirmishes during the live broadcast, after which Parasyuk want to find out the relationship with his opponent on the airwaves and colleague in Parliament.

Skirmishes usually dealt with political and ideological issues.

In the lobby of the channel between them there was a verbal altercation that escalated into a fight. After the program Parasyuk tried to break into the room where Vilkul. The collision had to separate the protection.

Later Parasyuk staged a verbal argument with the driver of the car Vilkul in the Parking lot. He also said that he intends to pick up the car for the ATO, and most of the administration to send to the Donbass. On the street skirmishes parasiuk with Vilkul has not occurred since the second he left the building of the channel through the other exit. Later Parasyuk said that he was going to look for an opponent and left in an unknown direction.

Most of the results of the evening “hit” the car Vilkul, who, as reported, Parasyuk had intended to send to the combat zone. A portion of the unflattering reviews I had to listen to the driver and the representative of the Opposition bloc.

Smartly against Lyashko on Conciliatory Council of the VR

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

On 14 November during a meeting of the conciliatory Council of the Verkhovna Rada, the co-chair of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko repeatedly struck the leader of the “radicals” of Oleg Lyashko. The reason for this behavior Boyko were accusations from the mouth of the leader of the radicals in the address of representatives of “opposition bloc”, which, according to Lyashko, go to Russia “to the user”.

“Boyko, Lyovochkin go to Moscow regional, the instructions get in the Kremlin. Others go for the Brussels regional committees. When the village people go, when the miners, metallurgists, and not MC to to foreign countries? MC need to get their. I have a question for the SBU: why do they go to Moscow and still not in jail?” – said Lyashko.

After these words quickly, who was sitting next to the leader of the Radical party, rose from his seat, grabbed Lyashko in the head and struck him with his fist. A fight ensued, which rushed to separate other people’s deputies.

When the situation, at first glance, stabilized, Lyashko continued his speech. However, after the phrase “these outgrowths of Yanukovych,” the leader of the Opposition bloc once again jumped up and struck a colleague.

Chornovol – .: a Representative of NF attacked his colleague in the session hall

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

March 17 the people’s Deputy, member of faction “people’s front” Tatiana Chornovol during the morning plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine attacked independent MP James Mezbaha because of the refusal of the latter to vote for the inclusion in the agenda of the bill on special confiscation.

“After the signal of voting, it became clear that there is no room in support of this bill (special confiscation), to make it and modify it. After that, there was a skirmish between the Deputy from “popular front” Tatiana Chornovil and independent MP Jacob Busboom. Tatiana Chornovol scratched his face and said later on the sidelines in his comments, so she will fight against all who would not vote for this law”, – said the reporter “112 Ukraine”.

The incident publicity is not acquired, however, once again demonstrated the level of culture in the Ukrainian Parliament.

Crackers for Skoryk: Rada knock Goncharenko, representatives of “opposition bloc”

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

In the hall of the Ukrainian Parliament on 23 September there was a fight between the Deputy head of the faction PPO Alexey Goncharenko and people’s Deputy from “opposition bloc”. Goncharenko came to the sector of the “Opposition bloc” and was trying to put in place the people’s Deputy Nikolay Skorik crackers.

The people’s deputies Vasily nimchenko, Yuriy Moroko, Ivan the peace and Deputy from the group “Renaissance” Anton Kisse was not given Goncharenko to a place of Skoryk, started the brawl. Later the people’s Deputy of the peace force brought Goncharenko sector of the Opposition bloc.

Before the meeting of Parliament Honcharenko stated that he had appealed to all authorities, sent a large number of parliamentary inquiries with the requirement to investigate the case on 19 February 2014 and accused Skoryk in the organization of beating of activists near the Odessa regional state administration two years ago.

“We expect that next session week we’ll be able (performance – ed.) to consider. I want to look into the eyes of every MP who will be looking for a reason not to remove parliamentary immunity from such as Skorik… And the Klyuyev said that he will not leave, and Onishchenko said that ever my foot will not go away from their native land. And then all time on the airplane and flee,” he said.

The day before the incident, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko declared intention to make a submission to Parliament on the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity Skoryk.

“Radicals” against “the assistant Medvedchuk”

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

November 15, during a half-hour break in the margins of the Council, there was another brawl. In the faction of the Radical party argued that the alleged assistant to the former head of the presidential Administration representative of Ukraine in the sub-group on humanitarian issues of the Trilateral contact group on conflict settlement in the Donbas, Viktor Medvedchuk attacked the people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk. To him quickly ran up the leader of the “radical” Oleh Lyashko.

The video doesn’t show the beginning of a skirmish, and captured frames are already fixed to the shouting Mosiychuk.

Later Oleg Lyashko in comments to journalists said that “Medvedchuk representative” tried to use the RPL MP Yuriy Shukhevych to implement the “Moscow plan”.

Attention! In the video there is profanity!

Brawl Pashinsky during the consideration of the special confiscation

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

During the morning plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on March 17 during the discussion of the bill on special confiscation between deputies there was a fight. Note, the second day. As before, one of the participants of the incident was the representative of the faction “people’s front” – this time Sergei Pashinsky.

So, a group of parliamentarians ran to Pashinsky, one of the authors of the bill – and joined with him in a verbal argument. During the altercation one of the deputies pushed Pashinsky.

In turn, the speaker of the Parliament Volodymyr Groysman urged his colleagues to remain calm and reminded them that they are not savages. “Calm down, it never works, dear colleagues, absolutely. All emotions calmed down, take a seat”, he said.

We will remind, on the same day in the Parliament posconflicto Tatiana Chornovol and Yakov Bezbakh.

Fight Pashinsky and Vlasenko

Another incident involving Pashinsky happened in the Parliament on 8 July. Then there was a skirmish between him and the representative of “Batkivshchyna” Serhiy Vlasenko. Later the people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol said that Pashinsky supposed to protect her from foul language from Vlasenko.

Attention! In the video there is obscene language!

Tomato juice for Lyashko

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

The leader of the radical Oleg Lyashko poured tomato juice in the Parliament. 08.12.2016

The head of the faction of the Radical party in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Lyashko on 8 December in the Parliament poured tomato juice was a Russian citizen, a former soldier of the battalion of the Armed forces of Ukraine “Aydar” Julia Toloa.

As explained Lyashko, Tilopa participated in the Antiterrorist operation (ATO) in the Donbas and at the time, appealed to the leader of the radicals with the request to help her in obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine.

“Julia Toloa – the heroic girl who, being a citizen of Russia, fought on the Eastern front to defend our country. I was lucky enough to meet this girl in the summer of 2014. Julia turned to me with a question to help her to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. I wrote a letter to the President of Ukraine, I’ll find you a copy of this document. Before you douse me, had to find out maybe you don’t know how a Russian citizen, but according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the nationality is granted by decree of the President”, – said Lyashko.

Parasyuk against Kolesnikov: “Not shared” Lviv district

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

Another incident with the participation of people’s Deputy Vladimir parasiuk happened in the Parliament on 15 June. Parasyuk tried to interrupt the speech of the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional block”, Dmitry Kolesnikov.

In Parliament there was a fight. The speech Kolesnikov was devoted to the work of the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi, he on behalf of his party demanded his re-election. Parasyuk, being a majority of the people’s Deputy from the Lviv region protested the interference in the Affairs of his district.

According to Alexander Vilkul, the cause of the fight was the words Kolesnikov about the events in Kryvyi Rih during early elections.

The speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy did not give Kolesnikov to finish her speech, arguing that his speech is “full of Russian propaganda.”

“To conclude, I will not give, because, colleagues, you are in the Ukrainian Parliament. When you want to say things about Ukrainian Affairs when you are anti-Ukrainian propaganda, is running for the Russian Parliament, go where they speak. Who wants to listen to Russian propaganda, has the ability to listen, turning on the TV channel “Russia”. The Ukrainian Parliament – for the protection of Ukrainian interests, not the interests of the state-occupier. So I’m asking you, in their statements respect other members who are in the hall, and respect Ukraine. I beg you, do not provoke confrontation in the hall,” said the speaker.

Keskar vs Golovko: How Parliament closed “the fighting season”

В бой идут кулаки, или Как выясняли отношения украинские парламентарии в уходящем году

The last in leaving year a scuffle in the Ukrainian Parliament occurred between people’s deputies Mikhail Golovko Pavel Keskar. It happened during a morning meeting of Parliament on December 23.

In his speech from the parliamentary rostrum, the Deputy head addressed the issue of PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”. In particular, he talked about the fact that this company has to be directly subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In the course of his speech Keskar repeatedly expressed outrage and called lies some of the data that my colleague from the rostrum of Parliament.

After the speech Golovko between him and Keskar there was a verbal altercation, which turned into a scuffle, which lasted only a few seconds, colleagues separated the parliamentarians.

The TV channel “112 Ukraine” people’s Deputy from BPP Paul Keskar announced the intention to apply to the court to oblige the people’s Deputy Mikhail Golovko to publicly apologize.


In the past year, the Ukrainian parliamentarians continued its long-standing “tradition” showdown in the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Fight and brawl in the session hall, the corridors, the committees and the Conciliation Board has long been commonplace for members of the highest legislative body of Ukraine. I have no doubt that they will continue in the new, 2017 year. You as always can be the first to read 112.ua or to watch during live broadcasts of sessions of the Verkhovna Rada on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.