Golden state defeated Cleveland in the first match of the final series

Голден Стэйт разбил Кливленд в первом матче финальной серии

Draymond green vs Kevin love

Hosted the first match of the final series of the playoffs NBA season 2016/2017.

Finally, wait. The third confrontation between Golden state and Cleveland in the NBA finals in a row started.

The team approached the first match in the fighting squads and the match began with the won the starting faceoff Zaza Pachulia and Tristan Thompson. Several attacks of the team could not open the scoring until the hardest of the three from Jr Smith without changing the zeros on the scoreboard.

On the first minute I felt the nervousness from the players, because for some minute or two open shots in the vicinity of the ring failed to realize Kevin Durant, LeBron James, klay Thompson and Zaza pachulia.

The first quarter of a gram did not disappoint the fans. It is seen that team over ready to fight, the leaders of the teams participating in the teammates, but the difference did not exceeded 5 points. The most interesting result of the first quarter was throw Andre Iguodala, who “gagged” the siren of his accurate long-range hit.

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This three Iggy began departing the Golden state. When on the bench to rest sat LeBron James, Californians (without Durant and Curry) beat their rivals and break the difference in score was 8 points.

And in the third quarter the outcome was virtually decided. The best team of the regular season continued to build the lead, as Cleveland to lose the ball. More respect with the ball for Golden state can be called the main key to the success of the team. Wards Mike brown (Steve Kerr has still not recovered from a back injury) made only 4 losses, which is a repetition of the record of the NBA finals.

In the final period of the match, spectators had the opportunity to see the reserve teams, because it was already clear that more than 20-point gap the club from Ohio to play can’t.

13th Golden state to win in the playoffs in a row brought them forward in the final series. The next fight will also take place in Oracle Arena in the night from Sunday to Monday.

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Golden State – Cleveland 113:91 (35:30, 25:22, 33:20, 20:19)

Golden state: Kevin Durant (38 + 8 rebounds + 8 assists), Curry (28 + 10 assists), green (9 + 11 rebounds), pachulia (8), Thompson (6) – start; Andre Iguodala (7), Clark (4), McGee (4), Barnes (3), Livingston (2), McAdoo (2), West (2), McCaw (0).

Cleveland: James (28 + 15 rebounds + 8 assists + 8 losses), Irving (24), Love (15 + 21 pick), J. R. Smith (3), Thompson (0) – start; Jefferson (9), Jones (7), Shumpert (5), Williams (0), Jones (0), Korver (0), Williams (0).

The account in a series 1:0

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