Golovkin knockout win Wade

Головкин нокаутом победил Уэйда

Golovkin knocked out Wade

Gennady Golovkin handled without problems with mandatory Challenger Dominic Wade, sending in a knockout already in the second round.

American boxer Dominic Wade (18-1, 12 KOs) became the mandatory Challenger for the belt Gennady Golovkin (up 35-0, 32 KO). However, as shown by the match, the Kazakh boxer took only a few minutes to prove their superiority.

On the eve of the fight, Golovkin and Wade passed the procedure of weighing. Wade was heavier than Golovkin, however, showed the fight, it didn’t really work the American.

From the very beginning of the fight Golovkin without problems attacked, while the American, almost nothing could oppose the opponent. At the end of the first round Golovkin sent Wade a knockdown blow in the ear.

For the second round Wade is not enough. Golovkin again actively attacked the opponent and soon sent a second knockdown. Wade still managed to climb, but almost immediately again the Kazakh knocked out his opponent. Just two rounds it took Golovkin to win another victory.

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