Goncharuk declared intention to eliminate gambling halls

Гончарук заявил о намерении ликвидировать игорные залы

Goncharuk was going to eliminate gambling halls as a phenomenon

Alexey Goncharuk claims that this phenomenon is not “in civilized countries”, so you must eradicate it in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk declared that a bill to legalize casino involves the closure of gambling halls. He said this at a briefing on the results of the night meeting of the government on Monday, September 30.

“In civilized countries do not and we will not. This does not mean that such a business should not exist. No, of course it has to be civilized, with accounting. The law describes in detail how we plan to fix it. But the main goal is to remove gambling halls, gambling machines with Ukrainian streets,” – said Goncharuk.

According to him, gambling halls cause severe damage to the economy, reducing the productivity of the population and distorting rents for commercial premises.

“People now comes home from work. If he has a problem, he sees this hall, goes inside. It stripped once or twice, he comes in the family – there is a problem, some quarrels. Someone in depression, he productivity is reduced and not the entire family is affected. Evening nights sitting in this room, tired, he’s in a bad mood, reason to be unproductive,” said the Prime Minister.

“The gaming-rooms – highly profitable business. This accelerates the market hall premises on the ground floor. Store, beauty salon or some other small business is difficult to compete with gambling hall. This means that these beauty salons go into the yards. Even public catering – cafes, restaurants – often can not withstand the competition,” – said Goncharuk.

He said that information about the real extent of gambling business in Ukraine, “but even what I listed is enough to understand that this is a very negative phenomenon that affects the economy.”

According to him, the government expects additional revenues in the amount of 2-2,5 billion hryvnias to the budget from the legalization of casinos.

“If we are talking about the revenue side of the budget, we expect about 2-2,5 billion hryvnia due to the legalization of this gambling in the budget of Ukraine,” – said Goncharuk.

Earlier, the Cabinet proposed to legalize gambling. Gambling will only take place in hotels and gaming hardware, software which meets international standards.

It was also reported that in the center of Kiev “covered” underground VIP casino. Illegal gambling establishment he worked in the commercial center of the Olympic with the assistance of law enforcement officials.

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