Goncharuk on the ground: it is Not necessary to break through the knee

Гончарук о рынке земли: Не надо ломать через колено

Alexey Goncharuk told about the moral training of society to the sale of land to foreigners

The Prime Minister spoke about the purpose of the referendum and prepare the public for the opening of the land market for foreigners.

A referendum on the sale of land will enable the society to maintain the credibility of the government. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk in the interview to RBC-Ukraine, which was published on Saturday, December 7.

Goncharuk said that at the moment society is afraid to open the land market, and the referendum will give the opportunity to understand that without a solution companies, the government will not take any decision.

“This show of trust to each other. Zelensky promised that when he comes to power, he will listen to the people,” – said Goncharuk.

He noted that the opening of the land market will allow Ukrainians to obtain big investment, more income, higher cost of land, the rapid advent of technology and economic growth. However, as noted Goncharuk, the holding of the referendum, the government decided not to break the population by force.

“Let’s do the first step, you will demonstrate that nothing terrible happens, you will retain confidence in us and the next step we make together,” he said.

Goncharuk said that now the discussion is not about whether or not to open the land market. Now discuss about the role of foreigners, which according to the Prime Minister, is a huge step forward.

We will remind, the law on the land market before the second reading adds a ban on the sale of it to foreigners.

Earlier in Parliament, said that the referendum on the land market will take place only 2-3 years after adoption of the law.

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