Goncharuk: the Price of the payment can be reduced by a third

Гончарук: Цену в платежках можно снизить на треть

Alexey Goncharuk

The size of the bills can be reduced by thermal insulation not only on 30% and 50%, said the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet of Ministers has developed a mechanism that will reduce the amount of payments of Ukrainians for housing and communal services 30%. The Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

As noted Goncharuk, more than 60% in the payment of the apartment building heat and hot water. . “If it is a major part of the costs, to optimize this situation if I want to reduce bills, you need to start with this,” he said.

According to him, the tariff has two components – the price of heat (where about 80% of the price of gas) and consumption.

“What is right to do? That’s right – first reduce consumption. How? Very simple, back to the question of efficiency. The simplest way is thermo-that is, energy saving. And all these stories with foam, which clings to the wall and it creates more harm,” he said.

According to him, if to speak seriously on thermal modernization of apartment buildings in our country, you can save around 25 to 60, sometimes 70 percent of the heat.

“This means that in this part of the payment system may be reduced by 30 percent, and in some cases even by half,” he added.

Recall, on the weekend President Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting on the reduction of tariffs. The government proposes to the President to introduce a bill that should reduce the tariffs for heating.

And on December 2, Zelensky announced the reduction of tariffs for heat by almost 50%.

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