Goncharuk took a ride on the scooter in the Cabinet

Гончарук прокатился на самокате по Кабмину

The new Prime Minister was shown around the government building

The new Prime Minister rode the electric skateboard through the corridors of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers and came into the hall government meetings.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk in the video to the students on the occasion of the knowledge Day was shown the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers and drove them on the scooter.

“Hello, friends. Today, September 1, knowledge Day. Tomorrow you go to school… And I go to work in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, where I work as Prime Minister. When someone of you will also be Prime Minister. But at that time Ukraine will be a strong modern state to be reckoned with in the world. Then the government will work in a modern, innovative building, you will definitely see. How it looks today, I want to show you,” said the new Prime Minister in a video message on his Facebook page.

According to Goncharuk, the building of the Cabinet a huge amount of floors, where are located dozens of offices, employing thousands of people.

“But the corridors are so long that sometimes it is possible to use the scooter,” said he rode the electric skateboard down the hall and stopped at the hall of government meetings.

Recall that on Thursday, August 29, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada 9 convocation approved the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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