Gone or gone? Why Lozhkin left AP

Ушел или ушли? Почему Ложкин покинул АП

Why is the shift change of the head of administration of the Ukrainian President.

In Ukraine was replaced by the head of the presidential Administration.

Place of Boris Lozhkina took the former head of the Kharkiv regional administration Igor rainin.

Lozhkin will remain an adviser to the President and will head the national investment Council.

Корреспондент.net understood why the fired Lozhkin.

Kharkiv in Kharkiv

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he was very pleased with the work Lozhkin.

Poroshenko presented the dismissal Lozhkina, as the translation of a new, responsible job.

“Today, we need to quickly restore their activities of the National investment Council. I made the decision that we delegate Boris Lozhkina E. on this important area of work. Boris, I thank you for two years, because you were and still are close. Boris Paton is still my adviser,” the President said.

Lozhkin coordinated the creation of a “sustainable development Strategy “Ukraine-2020” and the preparation of parliamentary Coalition agreement after the elections in 2014.

Lozhkin also oversaw the process of legal deprivation of Prosecutor’s office of functions of General supervision, the establishment of the National anti-corruption Bureau, functioning of the Council for judicial reform, was engaged in reforming processes.

It Lozhkin is called the ideologist of attracting foreign reformers to work in government positions in Ukraine.

The new head of the AP was Igor rainin. Previously, he has worked in the Administration a Deputy Lozhkin, and the last time was the head of the Kharkiv oblast.

In may 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers called the Kharkiv region “the most successful region in the country” according to the results of monitoring of socio-economic development of regions.

Rainin is considered a protégé of Lozhkin.

Personnel rotation

The analyst Vadim Karasev, notes that in the first place, the ex-head of the presidential administration is remembered for its communications with large business and the ability to “resolve” tensions between him and the government.

According to him, despite the fact that Lozhkin has left a post of the head of the PA, it remains one of the key players of the team President.

“It’s targeted replacement, the team game pattern remains the same. The start of the political season, should be this rotation. Partial replacement. Lozhkin is not leaving the team. It is his personal initiative, not to say that Lozhkin messed anything up. No need to search here some dissatisfaction, change of the vector, the cleaning personnel,” – said the expert.

The political scientist Vladimir Fesenko calls the reshuffle the “planned rotation”. According to him, when a businessman came to the administration, he stated that the position for him is temporary.

Lost work

According to political consultant Nikolay Spiridonov, if the President changes head of his Administration, it means that the political situation in the country he is unhappy.

“When presidents are satisfied with the progress of Affairs, they rarely change the configuration of power.
It’s also possible that Boris Lozhkin felt that it was time to leave banked the ship to a less binding position. In fact, he was the second person of the state in the present system of government, and now will take a secondary position.
Most likely, the resignation was a joint decision of Peter and Boris, and not one of them.
Moreover it is known that the new head of the presidential administration Igor Rainin, partnerships with Arsen Avakov and accordingly, his appointment could strengthen the position of interior Minister,” – said Spiridonov.

Move ahead of the curve

The ex-Minister of justice Olena Lukash calls the care of the Head of Administration of President Boris Lozhkin timely action and very meaningful, and compares Lozhkina with the character “the Master and Margarita”.

“Man with amazing intuition and foresight, faced with the raging servants Woland, but managed to survive, and to be in the Talon. P. S. Lozhkin predicted “fast and effective reform.” Failed. With his departure, as the author of the idea, probably, will end the era of “Varyag” – foreigners in the nation. Also somehow didn’t work. But this rule always works: Time to go – it is not to betray, but to anticipate,” she said.

A similar opinion was expressed by politologist Viktor Nebozhenko.

“Lozhkin realized that being with Poroshenko he many not working, and time goes by and maybe someone will have to answer for everything that is happening in the country. And Lozhkin does not want to be extreme. By publishing his book “the Third Republic”, Lozhkin makes it clear that he is going to stay afloat after the political defeat of President Poroshenko. He took into account the successful experience of self Litvin and Levochkin, after they left the posts of heads up,” he writes.