Gontareva about the economy: Ukraine is recovering

Гонтарева об экономике: Украина выздоравливает

Valeria Gontareva optimistic about the future of Ukraine’s economy

The head of the NBU saw a very clear depletion trend.

Ukraine’s economy is now vosstanavlivaetsya psle deep recession. In 2017, real GDP growth will be 2%. This was stated by the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva in an interview Dеutsche Wееlle.

“Ukraine is now recovering after an incredible and very deep recession. In 2014-2015, we lost almost 20% of our GDP, but we’re starting to recover. Last year our GDP has grown by 2.3%. Of course, for us this is not enough, we need to grow faster. This year, we forecast GDP growth of 3%, however, due to the blockade of the Donbas, unfortunately, Ukraine will lose 1% of GDP in 2017. Growth will reach only 2%, but it is realistic,” – said Gontareva.

According to the head of the NBU, this was achieved thanks to the new monetary policy.

“This year our goal is inflation at 9%, next to 6%, then 5%. We have a very clear reinflation trend. In 2015, we had inflation at 43%, so the inflation at 9% – a substantial achievement for us”, she said.

As reported Корреспондент.netNBU has provided the International monetary Fund’s updated macroeconomic projections taking into account the transport blockade of Donbass.

It is expected that the IMF will consider Ukrainian issue on April 3.