Gontareva: From Privat finally brought 2.6 billion

Гонтарева: Из Привата напоследок вывели 2,6 млрд

Gontareva said that before nationalization brought with PrivatBank 2.6 billion hryvnia

Before the nationalization of PrivatBank out of it brought 2.6 billion UAH, said the head of the national Bank.

Before you enter PrivatBank in temporary administration of it was taken out 2.6 billion UAH, said the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva in broadcast radio News.

She said that the NBU in the appeal to the government on the nationalization of PrivatBank offered to write off the liabilities of related parties at $ 32 billion hryvnia, but in the end, the guarantee Fund of deposits of individuals managed to write off only 29.4 billion hryvnia.

“We have asked for 32 billion, failed to write off UAH 29.4 billion, as the rest of the money in the meantime we are treated and how he Fund has written off no longer. This implies that the money brought out in recent days,” – said Gontareva.

Note, hontareva said that the main reason for the recognition of PrivatBank insolvent was a hole 148 billion hryvnias in the Bank’s capital.

In turn, the former administration of the Privat said that the NBU artificially created that hole 148 billion.

Корреспондент.net understood that speaks to the power and ex-Board of PrivatBank about the Bank situation.

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