Good Friday: Orthodox believers today to remember the crucifixion of Christ

Страстная пятница: Православные верующие сегодня вспоминают распятие Христа

Good Friday, called Holy, Orthodox believers remember the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, the descent from the cross His body and burial.

This is the most sorrowful day of the Church calendar. On Good Friday most strict fast – believers completely refuse to eat.

The service is entirely devoted to remembering the suffering of Jesus Christ. In the Church read twelve gospel passages that tell about the events of good Friday.

The Liturgy of this day is not carried out. The cycle of worship of good Friday concludes the great Vespers with the bringing out of the shroud – image of Christ lying in the tomb.

In the middle of the day, about 14-15 hours (the time of the death of Christ), take out the shroud from the altar on the middle of the Church.

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It is believed that after the shroud is a believer already, you can use water and bread.

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Since it is Friday, commemorates the suffering of Jesus Christ, this day is not accepted to have fun, sing, dance. All the preparations for Easter, which this year falls on may 1, it is necessary to conclude on Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday is supposed to spend in prayer.

According to folk traditions, this day should not be engaged to perform such household chores as cleaning, Laundry or sewing. Also, do not go into the garden according to the signs it is impossible to stick to the land of sharp objects.