Good Friday President Poroshenko held personnel restructuring

Страстная пятница президента: Порошенко провел кадровую перестройку

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko before the holidays decided to weed out the bureaucracy, sending a number of objectionable officials to relax not only at Easter but also meet. And others made Easter gift. The second was much more. The first and much louder. inspected personnel decisions Poroshenko.

The loudest today was the translation of George tuks from Lugansk to Kiev. First Poroshenko has dismissed Tuku from the posts of the Chairman of Lugansk regional CAA, and then in the Cabinet of Ministers gave the ex-Governor to the position of Deputy Minister for the issues of the occupied territories. An interesting exchange happened.

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Lost his post and the head of foreign intelligence Service Viktor Hvozd. Its position was even appointed Oleksandr Turchynov in 2014. About the motives of the President to dismiss the chief scout is still unknown.

Without the post of the President of the National Academy of public administration under the President of Ukraine will celebrate Easter Yuri Kovbasyuk. In this position, he worked for 6.5 years, with a far Dec 2009. Long time worked in the Ministry of Finance.

And the first assistant to the President Yuriy Onishchenko, Deputy Alex Horoshenkov and Advisor to the President Yury Biryukov held positions, but were withdrawn Poroshenko for the state. Live, bad day today for people with the name Yuri.

But Oleksiy Dneprov was transferred from the post of Deputy head of the UBA for the position of chief of staff of the presidential administration. Small castling.

More decisions the President has made with respect to the heads of regional state administrations. For a start, he fired 18 of the heads of the WGA. This list is notable for the dismissal of heads of Desna, Dnieper and Kiev RGA in the capital. So the President has issued” the entire Left Bank of Kyiv. However, then corrected himself and appointed in the Dnipro district of the capital of Peter Onofriychuk. He is known for his work in HC “Kyivmiskbud”, and before that was responsible for the housing problem in the army, Colonel.

In the Kharkiv region Poroshenko had a very strange things. Dismissed the head of the Pecheneg RGA Shoshina to appoint him to lead the Chuguevsky district, and the head of Chuguevsky RGA Korolyuk moved to Novovodolaz. To all this his boss got Krasnograd RGA.

In Poltava region Poroshenko replaced heads Shisanshi and Dikansky RGA, has sacked the head of Orichi and appointed Chairman of Kremenchutsky.

In Vinnytsia region the President was just fired – lost his post as head Shargorodsky, Tyvriv Oratovski and RGA.

A number of personnel decisions made by the President for the Kiev region – mainly appointments. So, the new leaders appeared in Baryshevka, Bohuslav, Volodarsky, Ivankov, Obukhiv, Polesie, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Square, Stavyshche, Fastiv and Tetiev. The acting head of Stavyschensky and boguslawska RGA were dismissed.

Can’t ignore the fact that the head of the Obukhov RGA Poroshenko appointed Alexander Turenko, who was in captivity of fighters on Donbass. Entrepreneur Turenko took delivery of all necessary on Ukrainian checkpoints and during one of the trips captured by militants.

Immediately five new heads of districts appeared in the Chernihiv region – Talalayevsky, Maine, Koryukovka Ichnya and Bobrovitskiy. From fun – talalayivka will run an official with the last name Dupa.

The President also dismissed the head of the RGA Drogobychskiy in Lviv region, instead of appointing five new – in Yavoriv, Stryi, Radekhiv, peremyshliany and Mostyska.

Seven new chapters RGA appeared in Zhytomyr region. New leaders appeared in Chernyakhovsky, ovruckogo, Malin, Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr, Emilchinsky and Volodarsko-Volynsky districts.

Six new in the Zaporozhye region – in the Zaporozhye region, Volnyansk, Gulyaypole, Novomykolaivka, Rozovka in Zaporozhye district, where before it was dismissed by the acting head of Shcherbina.

Also appointed head Dobrovelichkovsky, Znamenskoe and RGA Novoukrainka Kirovograd region; Khrystynivka, You and Gorodishhenskoe RGA in Cherkasy region. But the head of Cherkasy RSA omargalieva Poroshenko dismissed. Note that Konstantin Omargalieva – the father of Ukrainian singer Alyona Omargalieva, in a career which, in his own words, he invested 30 thousand dollars.

In Nikolaev the Zhovtnevy area, Elanetsky and Berezansky areas now also know their leaders. As in Sumy – the new people will be in Shostka, Seredino-Buda, Yampil and Okhtyrka. The two heads of the WGA got seats in the Dnipropetrovsk region – in Tomakovka and intercession.

Among the appointments of the President – new chapters Vyzhnytskiy RGA in Chernivtsi region and the RGA in Monastyriska of Ternopil region.

In the Donbass will be the new head of the dobropolsky and Svatovo areas.