Google has created the world’s most powerful computer

В Google создали мощнейший в мире компьютер

Google created the world’s most powerful computer

The company itself refused to comment, but sources say the Financial Times that the company have invented a quantum computer.

The American company Google have created the world’s most powerful quantum computer, much faster doing calculations than the Summit from IBM, which is considered the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Reported by the Financial Times on Saturday, September 21.

According to the British publication, the calculation on which device from IBM requires 10 thousand years, computer from Google has made over 200 seconds, but this information, first published scientific report on the NASA site, was subsequently removed.

At present a quantum computer from Google is only able to perform one technical calculation, and to the solution of practical tasks the device will be ready in a few years.

“As far as we know, the experiment represents the first calculation that can only be performed on a quantum processor”, – stated in the material.

It also says that “such a serious acceleration in comparison with the known classical algorithms provides the experimental implementation of the quantum superiority of a computing task”.

The newspaper writes that the Google guys named their computer “an important milestone on the road to full blown quantum computing process.”

The Financial Times indicates that Google refused to appropriate review.

We will remind that earlier in the US fined Google $170 million video Hosting YouTube, owned by Google illegally collected personal data from children without their parents ‘ consent.

Less than a week later, the US began a new investigation against Google. Law enforcement officers engaged in the dominance of Google in the advertising market and use of company data.

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