Google has revealed the satellite, as Kiev grew in 30 years

Google показал со спутника, как вырос Киев за 30 лет

A screenshot of the page Google service Timelapse

Google has updated the service Timelapse, which allows you to see the development of any part of the world since 1984. The authors uploaded new satellite imagery over the last 4 years. Previously, you could only trace the changes that have happened with the land until 2012.

“It (the video) made up of 33 annual cloudless images, one for each year from 1984 through 2016 that are made by the University of Carnegie Mellon,” reads the description of the service. In total, there were installed 5 million shots.

The user can adjust the speed of video and the scale of the area.

Here’s how Kiev has changed in 32 years:

Earlier it was reported that the service is voice search “OK Google” to learn to recognize spells from a series of books about Harry Potter written by British writer J. K. Rowling.