Google responded to the accusations trump the manipulation of news about him

В Google ответили на обвинения Трампа в подтасовке новостей о нем

Google refuted the statement of the President of the United States that search engine supposedly only shows bad news about him.

At Google, declared that charges of U.S. President Donald trump that Internet search engine produces results based on a particular political position, is groundless, reports The Hill.

“The search engine is not used to advance a political agenda, and we don’t potassium results under any political ideology,” – said in a statement.

Google noted that “annually bring hundreds of improvements to their algorithms to ensure that the search engine offers high quality content in accordance with user requests”.

Trump lashed out at “fake” news

Earlier, the US President accused the search engine Google is that when you request “news about trump,” he gives only the results with the media, well-known, he believes, “fake” news.

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