Google said, as tracks location of users

Google уточнил, как отслеживает местоположение пользователей

Some apps like Google continue to record location information

At Google, admitted that some apps track the user’s location, even if this feature is disabled.

Google confirmed that in some cases, tracks the location of users, even if the corresponding feature is disabled in service settings “History location”. Updated information appeared on Thursday, August 16, on a reference page of Google, reported the AP.

Earlier in the man page of “history of location” mentioned that if you disable this feature, information on “places where you are going, will no longer be maintained”. However, the certificate has changed after the publication of the AP investigation. Now the page says setting does not affect other applications that use geo-location services. In addition, Google admitted that some location data can be stored within the activity on other services, for example in “Search” or “Maps”.

Earlier, the AP reporters found out that some apps like Google continue to record location information, even if the user disabled the feature. So, the data is saved, when you open the Maps application. In addition, automatic tracking local weather on phones with Android operating system also stores the location of users.

Source: Russian service of DW


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