Google showed how the Earth has changed over 32 years

Google показал, как изменилась Земля за 32 года

Changes of the Earth in 32 years

Google has updated the Timelapse service, which launched three years ago in the framework of the project Google Earth. If the tool allows us to trace the changes of the planet from 1984 to 2012, now the authors have uploaded the new satellite images, taken in 2016.

“We have combined more than 5 million satellite images taken over the past three decades from 5 different satellites,” – said in a statement.

It is noted that the tool is designed in the form of an interactive map that allows users to see how varied a place in the last 32 years. It is possible to scale, learning the most obvious change.

Separately on the website will have 25 regions, which the authors considered the most impressive examples of changes they can observe the growth of cities, the drying up of seas and melting glaciers. Some of them Google released a short time lapses and posted on Youtube.

So, for example, is the process of drying of the Aral sea, which was once considered the fourth largest lake in the world.

And look changes in the Australian city of Brisbane, over the past three decades.