Google tested the system adjust the movement of drones

Google испытал систему регулировки движения беспилотников

Drones in recent years are becoming increasingly popular

The system has shown that it can successfully be a “Manager” for multiple drones of different types.

The leaders of the Google project, called Project Wing, dedicated to technology development for commercial drones, announced a successful trial of a tracking system for air traffic drones. One of the leaders of Project Wing James Burgess in his post on Medium is reported that the project has participated in a number of national trials organized by NASA and the Federal aviation administration of the United States.

The purpose of these tests was the study of how to manage the growing number of unmanned aircraft systems in the airspace. Project Wing was demonstrated on the control system for air traffic. The challenge for the system was that three of the drone Project Wing, managed only a single operator performed the tasks simultaneously on the same territory as two drone Intel and drone Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership.

The system has shown that it can successfully be a “Manager” for multiple UAVs of different types and for them to pick safe routes through the air, avoiding collision, which previously was achieved only manually controlling every drone.

“Most likely, in a few years, Wing and other companies will have whole fleets consisting of thousands of unmanned systems flying at any time of the day,” says Burgess.

Note, Google X, the Google division responsible for Project Wings, launched a project in 2012, but 2014 kept it secret. In August 2016 the White house has announced that Project Wings received permission to conduct the first tests of its drones.

Recall, the American company SpaceX will deliver an experimental military satellite X-37B into orbit. The launch should take place in August 2017, using the Falcon 9 rocket.

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