Google translator was accused of sexism

Переводчик Google уличили в сексизме

The Google translator was accused of sexism

In the translation of several thousand sentences from 12 languages into English was that technical jobs are much less likely to belong to women.

Brazilian researchers found that the algorithms of the Google Translate service biased when translating sentences from the language without grammatical gender, according to N+1.

When translating thousands of sentences of 12 languages to English, it turned out that technical jobs are much less likely to belong to women. At work Google Translate took the representatives of technical professions to women in 71% of cases, and female – four.

The distribution of the representatives of a particular gender in the professions does not correspond to the statistics of employment. The grammatical category of gender in the selected group were missing in Hungarian, Finnish, Swahili, Yoruba, Armenian and Estonian languages. In all selected languages, the third person pronoun is expressed with one word.

All the researchers used 1019 professions of the 22 different categories. It is noted that racial and gender bias encountered in the work machine algorithms arises because of the peculiarities of the training sample.

We will remind, earlier Google employee accused the company of sexism. It also became known that in most of the British companies in the fashion industry men and women receive different wages.

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