Google will build in the Canada district of the future

Google построит в Канаде район будущего

The project will be undertaken by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of the Alphabet.

Parent company Google Google “district of the future” in Toronto. This was stated by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, writes The Financial Times.

The project will be undertaken by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google, which plans to invest in the development and тестирование50 million dollars. Under the “district of the future” has allocated almost 5 hectares of land on the shore of Ontario. In the future the area may increase to 323 hectares.

The area will be adapted to the movement of unmanned vehicles and cargo drones, and routes for drones will lay under the ground.

The district will be equipped with a sensor system that will control all spheres of life: from filling dumpsters to the level of noise in homes.

It is assumed that the district will not use personal vehicles. The residents will move to the unmanned shuttles and bikes, reasons

The company also proposes to abandon the use of private vehicles, but residents of the area to be transplanted to the unmanned shuttles and bicycles. Bicycle paths promise to heat up in the winter

Previously, Google and HTC officially announced the completion of the transaction, which resulted in the R&D unit “Powered by HTC” has become part of Google.