Gorbatyuk about the changes to the GPU: the Case of the Maidan will be investigated – it is not clear in what format

Горбатюк об изменениях в ГПУ: Дела Майдана будут расследоваться - непонятно только в каком формате

With the elimination of the office of the Prosecutor General, which were engaged in the interrogation of the investigators who conducted the Affairs of the Maidan, the investigation of these cases will not stop. This focused attention on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” the head of the Department spetsrassledovanie of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk.

“There (in the office – ed.) were made, which concerned the intentional obstruction of investigations, I think they will continue to be investigated, but it is unclear in what format,” he said.

Regarding the transfer of economic crimes, military prosecution, Mr. Yan emphasized that for today the decision was taken only in one case. “For today the decision was made only regarding one case that was in our control, in relation to the investigation of crimes which are incriminated to the former Minister of revenues and duties Klymenko. However, this preliminary decision, we discuss further the investigation,” he said.

At the same Gorbatyuk noted that while new procedural functions it cannot perform. “I am currently on a post of the head of the investigative unit, functions, procedural guidance in this post can’t be done. Our management and administration of the procedural management are subject to the attorney General and this will allow more efficiently this process of cooperation to organize,” he concluded.

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As reported, on may 22, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that management will be eliminated, which was questioned by investigators and field investigators who conduct the business of the Maidan. Also, because of the mutual opposition of the office of special investigations Sergey Gorbatyuk is removed from the sphere of competence of the Deputy Prosecutor General Yuri Stolyarchuka. Now Gorbatyuk receives additional functions of the head of procedure and will report directly to the attorney General.

In addition, the investigation of cases under economic offences to the authorities “gang of times of Yanukovych” will be chaired by the Deputy military Prosecutor, Lieutenant-General Zherbitsky.