Gorbatyuk expects an internal investigation about the pressure on him will end tomorrow

Горбатюк рассчитывает, что служебное расследование относительно давления на него завершится завтра

The head of the special missions division of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk expects that the official investigation into the allegations of pressure on him and the control will end tomorrow, April 27. He said this in comments to the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

“My report is currently an internal investigation, which should be completed tomorrow. Determined by the order of 27 April and the expected results of this investigation that those are all signs of pressure, I mentioned that they will be terminated and we will focus on the work,” he said.

Earlier, in GPU reported that the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk wrote the report addressed to the acting Prosecutor General Sevruk relatively free of any pressure and interference in his work and this one fact is being tested, however, the question of submitting suspicions the Gorbatyuk not worth it.

Gorbatyuk myself in comments “UKRINFORM” said that in respect of employees of the office of special Prosecutor General, which deals with the Affairs of the Maidan, initiated four criminal proceedings.

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Mr. Yan said that four criminal proceedings concerning him and his subordinates brought the Department of investigation of crimes committed by law enforcement officials of the Prosecutor General. “This office was created to counter the investigation of the crimes of Maidan. Or they prepare me a suspicion, I absolutely can not say, but given the fact that the pressure lasts long, there are all the circumstances,” – said Gorbatyuk, answering the question whether he is prepared for official suspicion of “negligence”.

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Vladislav Kutsenko noted that in GPU demanding reports of Gorbatyuk on cases that he and his team investigates.