Gosgeonedra turned to Yuri Lutsenko in connection with the forcible takeover of lodges in Gulf

Госгеонедра обратилась к Юрию Луценко в связи с рейдерским захватом баз отдыха в Затоке

The state service of Geology and subsoil of Ukraine (Gosgeonedra) appealed to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, and also in the interior Ministry, the Cabinet and the Ministry of environment in connection with the capture of two lodges “Topaz” and “Geologist” in the village of Zatoka Odessa region. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry.

“During this state there is a struggle since 2004. Then, on bogus documents were issued the right of ownership to a natural person born in 1930 Irina Leschuk. We went through three instances of the courts, and resolution of the Supreme commercial court of February 23, it is proved that the base of rest “Topaz” only state. As you can see, the struggle with the raiders is not over. These people begin to act arrogantly and aggressively to crime by to take possession of the coastal strip,” – said the acting head of the service Mykola Boyarkin.

Recreation “Topaz” and “Geologist” are the structural units of the black sea state regional geological enterprise Ukrainian state geological Institute.

Currently lodges the export of scrap metal. One of the cars was arrested and is now in the garage. On recreation not let anyone unknown people.

Monday, 23 may, the service said that about 30 armed men early Sunday morning entered the territory of base of rest “Topaz” and threatened with death, forcibly pushed the staff beyond. While at the recreation center also had a large-scale fire.

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Thus, according to the General Director of black sea state regional geological enterprise Sergey Ocarina, no legal title documents of these people may not be. According to him, the invaders showed documents where the specified another address, not Lazurnaya St., 13, which is a base of Topaz, and Lazurnaya St., 15. And on the eve of the village Council took the decision to merge these addresses, and as such ‘ – the street azure, 13 according to the decision of township Council zatoki no longer exists.