Government “forgive” his massive violations of human rights.

Власти "простили" себе массовые нарушения прав человека - нардеп

For two years the country has lost many cases in the European court of human rights, however, those responsible officials suffered no punishment.

Ukrainian officials whose guilt in human rights violations is proven, the EU, for two years, has not incurred any liability.

This was stated by people’s Deputy Vitaliy kupriy, Recalling the results of parliamentary inquiries.

According to him, the last half of this year, the European court of human rights “condemned” Ukraine for 900 thousand euros.

At the same time, the officials who allowed violations to justice is not involved, says kupriy.

“An absurd situation – the officials violated human rights, and compensate this bureaucratic tyranny we are with you from his own pocket” – writes the MP.

Moreover, even the Ministry of justice does not maintain statistics on the funds that “go” from the budget claims of the ECHR, kupriy says, citing the official response of the Ministry.

The Donbass and the Crimea was deprived of the right to sue in Europe

“The state, after compensation (claims of the court – ed.) has the right to return the requirements to the offender,” writes the MP. However, the absence of statistics of the Ministry of justice “makes it impossible for the filing of claims and indemnity budget.”

Kupriy lists of officials who are accused of causing damage to the state, but it requires the GPU to launch an investigation against them.

In early 2016 Ukraine topped the list of countries that are judged in the ECHR.

In 2015 the Verkhovna Rada suspended the Declaration on human rights in the Donbass and the Crimea.