Gpts liquidate, to make it easier to sell the colony and the land under them

ГПтС ликвидируют, чтобы легче было продать колонии и земли под ними

The Cabinet liquidated the State penitentiary service of Ukraine (SPSU).

“First, with the adoption of the Criminal procedure code in 2012 and halved the number of convicts, who are currently in institutions. Today they are filled by 63%, and it is up to the date of entry into force of the law Savchenko, which also contributes to a reduction in the number of prisoners”, – said the Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevostyanova.

After the liquidation authority will give the Ministry of justice, which will create three new departments. The Commission on the elimination of Gpts needs to report on the results to 31 December 2016.

The former head of the SPS of Ukraine Sergey Starenky in comments stated that the elimination of Gpts of Ukraine will lead to aggravation of the situation in the colonies and will allow you to sell the institutions of the SPSU to obtain the proceeds of corruption.

First and foremost is the inability to control institutions in the areas. The staff of the colony will actually be “suspended”. It will not apply to any Agency, because we are talking about Gpts, which liquidated, and the staff working in the prison service, which will remain without a leader.

Secondly, the demilitarization of the Minister of justice, says that these people will not be able to carry armed service. To protect the colony with guns can’t do non-military people who are not responsible for war statutes, and the rules for handling weapons the military assumes responsibility.

Therefore, I predict that in the near future will be the aggravation of the situation in the middle colonies, the deterioration of the security of the prisoners themselves, which will not be guaranteed this security.

The main purpose why the justice Department eliminates this service. Taking advantage of the liquidation, the liquidation Committee will be set, and, as was announced by the Ministry of justice, about one-third of institutions will be closed, and in the future will be sold their land, etc. for Example, as the detention center on Lukyanovka in Kiev and other colonies who have very strong production capacity. A small factory on the territory of each colony. This is the main goal to close the service. To sell them in the near future, to the proceeds of corruption and to go hide in Argentina.

The main problem of this decision is that it was made in secret, without discussion in a public environment experts and deputies. It says that this decision does not require public comment, although the area in which it is necessary this discussion because it concerns all of us, it is about accountability for crimes. And it was made so, even without agreement with the Union.

According to the explanatory note to the draft decree, the elimination of Gpts is to optimize the structure of the penal system.

The explanatory note States that the project does not require public discussion. In addition, the staff of the Gpts will be reduced.

Recall that in may last year the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that the prison service expects major reform. Then it was about reducing the number of prisons and the introduction of “an effective system of probation to reduce the number of inmates.

Prepared Tatiana Svyatenko,