GPU checks members of the “Right sector” involvement in murder “Berkut” during Maidan

ГПУ проверяет членов "Правого сектора" на причастность к убийству "беркутовцев" во время Майдана

Right sector

The Prosecutor General’s office checks the members of the organization “Right sector” involvement in murder “Berkut” during Maidan. This is referred to in the definition of the Pechersk district court of 16 December.

“On the subject of involvement in the Commission of these crimes are checked persons from among the members of the organization “Right sector”, which in during the protests and after, occupied the 6th floor of the hotel “Dnepr”, from which they were evicted in January 2015,” reads the text of the definition.

It is noted that we are talking about homicide investigation “Berkutovets” on 18 and 20 February 2014.

“During a pretrial investigation carried out inspection of documents seized during the inspection of the 6th floor of the hotel “Dnepr” after the eviction of members of the “Right sector”, in particular, a sheet of A4 paper on which is printed the surnames, names and patronymics, as well as mobile phone numbers of persons residing on the specified floor, and the log red”, – stated in the same court.

According to media reports, also test the involvement of activists of the party “Brotherhood” and the driver of the Honda car, in the trunk which was discovered a carbine NorincoCQ-A.

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We will remind, last year the head of the special investigation of the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk said that the investigation lays the blame for the deaths of law enforcement officers to guide law enforcement agencies and the country.