GPU: Explosions in Svatovo, Balakleya and the diversion of Russia

ГПУ: Взрывы в Сватово и Балаклее − диверсия России

The Prosecutor General Of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko

Yuriy Lutsenko believes that the sabotage was committed and warehouses near Vinnitsa.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared on air of TSN that the explosions at military depots in Svatovo and Balakliya, it is pure diversion, which took place from the Russian Federation.

“The investigation knows that in Balakleya 23 Mar 2017 radar service of Ukraine recorded an unmanned aerial vehicle, which was moving at low altitude from the border with Russia, bypassing physical obstacles and reach a destination – city balakliia,” − said the Prosecutor General.

According to him, the drone was carried out two launches of guided missiles. After that the aircraft left a military depot and flew in the direction of the Russian Federation.

“The investigation considers that the cause of the explosions in Balakleya was a clear sabotage work with application thermobarics of a shell which struck a concrete shelter and blew up the warehouse. On the part of the saboteurs, obviously, the Russian Federation”, − Lutsenko emphasized and added that, in relation to Svatove at Prosecutor’s office the same conclusions.

Regarding the situation in Kalinovka, the investigation is considering several versions.

“For me the main ones are – a diversion (and I know the facts, which at this point), and criminal negligence for failure to provide normal protection of this large warehouse of ammunition of the appropriate officials of the General staff of Ukraine”, − said the head of the GPU.

The case on the explosions in Svatovo, Balakleya and submitted to the court.

Before Lutsenko declared that there is a version according to which the explosions of ammunition in warehouses in Kalinovka resulted laid the detonator.