GPU issued a summons Arbuzov violations lawyer

ГПУ оформила повестку Арбузову с нарушениями – адвокат

GPU improperly issued a summons Arbuzov

The agenda is not specified the procedural status.

Summons for questioning the former head of national Bank Sergey Arbuzov in the Prosecutor’s office has issued a violation of the criminal procedure code. This was announced by the lawyer Evgeny Arbuzov Pelios, writes Capital.

“Summons for questioning my client was published on the website of the General Prosecutor’s office on the Internet link. What kind of proper investigation of criminal proceedings by the Prosecutor General can be when they even the summons was issued with the violation of the code of criminal procedure? So, there is not specified the procedural status of my client that violates the requirements of section 5 of part 1 of article 137 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine, according to which the agenda needs to be specified procedural status, which is caused by the person”, – said the lawyer.

The lawyer did not understand what you are going to question his client together with the former head of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine and an ex-Minister of energy and coal industry, as positions that are occupied Sergey Arbuzov, was not related to energy.

“Such abstract documents, in my opinion, are published by the state office of public Prosecutor only to discredit my client, to create around it the names of negative associations and trivial the pressure on Serhiy Arbuzov. This is also done because of all the criminal proceedings initiated with this law enforcement Agency against Sergei Arbuzov not withstand any criticism,” – said Pelias.

He noted that the existing criminal cases is not only inadmissible in court, but generally not investigated. This is evidenced, in particular, information in the unified registry of court decisions, where it is seen, where in recent months, investigators have not committed any significant procedural steps.

“So, it’s about the creation of the BTB channel is investigated for three and a half years and during that time the Prosecutor General’s office failed to nominate Sergey Arbuzov charges, since no state penny in the creation of the channel was not wasted – now on the basis of the channel BTB operates the TV channel UATV. In the case of BTB for the third time changed the investigation and prosecution of the group changed from suspicion of misappropriation to embezzlement, which was not because the property has not disappeared, discontinued international wanted list through Interpol”, – said the lawyer.

In his address to the media the lawyer also commented on the suspicion Arbuzov in the case of Ukrtelecom.

“I can say that in this case also no investigation is not conducted because it was developed for the sole purpose of re ads Serhiy Arbuzov on the wanted list. In connection with the filing of this groundless suspicion of the Prosecutor General’s office had initiated pre-trial investigation on the fact of attraction obviously innocent person to criminal responsibility”, – he reminded.

According to counsel, the prosecution informs the community about new cases and ascribes to them Sergey Arbuzov, only to constantly draw attention to a flurry of activity. There are no legal reasons for the emergence of all new applications of the GPU Eugene Pelias sees.

We will remind, the Interpol was removed from the international wanted list the former head of the national Bank, the former first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov.