GPU showed a weapon to “attack” Savchenko-Ruban

ГПУ показала оружие для "теракта" Савченко-Рубана

Mortars that Ruban was transported from the zone ATO for the alleged attack

GPU claims that Savchenko and Rubank planned to fire at the center of Kiev, Trukhanov island or the barges on the river and escape on a jet ski.

Thursday, August 2, at the site of CSO alpha near Kiev showed Arsenal allegedly seized weapons and ammunition from the arrested head of the Officer corps officer Vladimir Ruban who he’s in cahoots with the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko allegedly intended to use to attack in the center of Kiev. It is reported

Among the seized four mortar rounds (three 120 mm and one 60 mm “produced by DNR”), dozens of mines to them, the RPG-22 and RPG-7 shots for them, RGD-5 grenades, fuses, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, produced in the occupation of the large-caliber rifle Topaz 12.7 mm, and ammunition.

According to TSN, during a briefing of the GPU and the SBU Director of Kyiv research Institute of forensic examinations, Alexander ruvin said that Savchenko and Ruban chose two seats on the Trukhaniv island, where going to bombard the center of Kiev from mortars.

“We have calculated the whole range and all areas of getting these Two positions min. they were even tested. Where it’s easy to make, select weapon and shoot back, to leave so no one saw. There, on Trukhanov island near the pedestrian bridge, Post area – not anyone would have seen,” – says the expert.

He also noted that the investigation considered the possibility of installation of the mortars on a barge. According to him, one barge would be enough for the installation of four mortars and two personal watercraft to escape. All of this would be spent up to 15 minutes.

The ruvin said that after investigation was a possible point of attack, Netpolice was ordered hard to patrol these places.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that there are sufficient grounds to suspect Savchenko in the organization of the terrorist act in the Parliament. In the case of evidence of guilt Savchenko faces life in prison.


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