GPU showed the first “video Guzhva”

ГПУ показала первые "видео с Гужвой"

Presumably, one of these people Igor Guzhva

In the video, two men discuss the amount.

GPU published the first fragments of the video, where two people talking about the amounts and removal of materials from the site. Prosecutors claim that one of these people – chief editor of the online publication Stranaya Igor Guzhva, arrested yesterday in his office. The human face is not seen, the voice heard is bad, so to claim anything really difficult.

The video was demonstrated on a press-conferences the public Prosecutor Igor Lutsenko, and later posted on Facebook a press-the Secretary of GPU Larisa Sargan.

In the video, the person whom the Prosecutor considers Igor Guzhva, sits to the left.

– The fact that they said it to you, then, and the two – Linko, Lensky and Lyashko. I was in one… For each of you – 20. They say – let’s haggle. The understanding potorguemsya – I don’t understand.

“The grandmother is grandmother of others, this is seen”.

– Let’s do so. I’ll see what we had on those two… I’ll tell you what, take three materials, for example, for 30 – well, what would there…

– Three materials for 30?

– What do you think?

– I don’t know. I say, as you said. Well it you haven’t heard everything. Talking further. They ask: how much will it cost for something to be quiet about us at all? I say – how? This is a serious issue. I say 100.

– Said?


– And they?

Up to the end of the year. Fucked***ut 100 – well 100.

– No, well, before the end of the year… don’t know what will be next month. Especially before the end of the year…

– Not enough, right? Well, what about a bargain…

Well, removed 30, for example, if the bargain…

– Tell me, please, you have already accumulated things, materials ready?

– Are you ready?

– Well, ready, ointments, and prepared?

– Yes, of course. One such material.

– It’s this material we prigruzit, so they are smaller and faster thought.

– Well, if they do not this thing, then we give the material.

– Here, let’s do this! Sho here we have…

– See, but we can run into a topic that Lyashko would say that we extorted money. With them is dangerous. With checked – clear.

So it’s through a third party!

. Well, look what I can do… Two items when you pay 30 – well, not paid…

– Well, for the queer sho we spoke, ready to give 20.

For one material?

– 20.


– And then these two, says, let’s haggle.

– Well, well, come on.

– But if they flatten and still bring Schaub they?

– Tell them 35? For a quiet time?

– Yes, Yes.

– Well, well, they love to bargain. Let bargain… How much time is necessary to remove the article?

– Within the hour.

– I as given, and…

– Within the hour.

– Within the hour?

Yes. But that there was not such that I removed the material, and he will say that the materials.

– Need to pre-coordinate?

– I think so. No, that is not the materials…

And then whack everything and go?


Tomorrow to the first half of the day to this question… start to work out need tight.

Okay. I’ll come tomorrow… article.

– You’re looking for, what you can do, I offer them, right?


– 35 – this is non-negotiable.

– That is a bargain makes no sense? A month?


– I think a lot.

– Yes?

– Well, as if they have something to steal, I think, people take the last piece of bread.

Well, then, say 35, and there – as it will go.

Remember, the Prosecutor’s office intends to ask the court to elect the chief editor for the online publication Stranaya Igor Guzhva a measure of restraint in form of detention with alternative collateral.

Guzhva detainee already transferred to the temporary detention facility of the interior Ministry of Kiev at the hem.

His lawyers intend to appeal against violations of rights of journalists during a night of detention at the office.

As reported Корреспондент.net in the evening June 22 edition of the online publication Stranaya the search took place. Was detained the editor-in-chief edition Igor Guzhva, who allegedly extorted and received 10 thousand dollars for the deployment of compromising materials on the current policy.

Later, the MP from the faction of the Radical party Dmitry Linko said that the editors Stranaya blackmailed him.

On 23 June, HCP said that was charged under article 189. UCF part 3 of Extortion.

Igor Guzhva believes that the criminal case against the publication fraudulent.

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