GPU: Yanukovych led $1.5 bn of state funds in offshore

ГПУ: Янукович вывел $1,5 млрд госсредств в офшоры

Firms under Yanukovych to withdraw money in offshore, said the attorney General

The attorney General spoke about the schemes since the ex-President.

Lutsenko told about the schemes of Yanukovych to withdraw government funds from Ukraine. He stated in the Channel 24.

“The investigation has identified and is recorded by the court. At the time Yanukovych was created about 500 firms that withdrawal from Ukraine. They were taken to the area of Singapore, Hong Kong, where confused traces. Further, these flows went to Cyprus and Latvia. And from there the little-known offshore company bought the bonds of domestic government loan at 9% per annum in foreign currency”, – he said.

Then these funds are simply multiplied at interest.

“The number of such bonds is $1.5 billion. Bonds, which were kept in savings Bank and other banks, consisted of interest. And gradually the value of the bonds plus the interest accumulated in monetary terms. By purchasing these bonds at 1 billion, in a year or two or three you get 1 billion plus interest in cash. In accounts in state savings Bank, at the time of the arrest of Yanukovych in 2015, were held with real money is a 1 billion 100 million in cash,” – said Lutsenko.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the London court has postponed a decision on the debt of Yanukovych.

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