GR international Forum will take place on 12 October in Brussels

Международный GR Форум пройдет 12 октября в Брюсселе

GR international Forum is the largest event that brings together politicians and professionals practicing in Government Relations, Public Affairs, Lobbying and Advocacy. This year it will be held in Brussels in October.

GR key theme of the Forum is to discuss current trends, quality presentation models and strategies, high-quality networking.

The Forum will bring together representatives from international and regional companies, industry associations and professional associations, members of the European Parliament, policy experts and scientists who collaborate in the creation of the future.

The purpose of the Forum is to create a community of like-minded, able to generate new ideas and work together to create a correct communication, the formation of a discussion platform for discussion of topical issues and engage with key stakeholders and policy-meykers to dialogue with members of the public.

Международный GR Форум пройдет 12 октября в Брюсселе



The forum is organized with the support of our partners, International Government Affairs Professional Association and SIC Group International.

The Program and speakers can be found here. The list of speakers is updated.
You can participate as a party and to carry out a professional networking. Tickets to the Forum

Международный GR Форум пройдет 12 октября в Брюсселе



For members of the TPP, there is a special price offer. For additional information, please call: +38 044 22 79 420