Greenpeace made up the rating of brands

В Greenpeace составили антирейтинг автопроизводителей

Greenpeace investigated the environmental impact of the products 12 largest automakers and has made the rating of major brands, which included leaders in greenhouse gas emissions.

Cars emit nine percent of greenhouse gases. This is stated in the official report of the international environmental organization Greenpeace published on its official website on 10 September.

In the study the authors refer to the study of the influence on the Earth’s environment products 12 largest automakers.

The results of the Greenpeace study was antireyting “harmful” automakers, whose leader was the Volkswagen (582 million tonnes of CO₂ equivalent). It is followed by Renault-Nissan (577 million), Toyota (562 million), General Motors (530 million), Hyundai-Kia (401 million). Completing the list of BMW, Daimler and Suzuki with indicators 132, 161 and 164 million tons of Co equivalent.

Also, the study authors noted that the automotive industry “doesn’t want to go right environmental expensive” brands and does not concern environmental problems.

To solve the problems of the planet, Greenpeace has proposed to completely abandon the usual cars on fossil fuels by 2028 and fully to switch to clean cars.

Earlier, the Pope urged all countries to abandon fossil fuels.

In the Crimea are sounding the alarm due to the environmental situation

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