Griffin criticized the ability of the referee to catch the ball

Гриффин раскритиковал умение рефери ловить мяч

Blake Griffin

The clippers forward was unhappy with the behaviour of the referee in the match against Boston.

Power forward Los Angeles clippers Blake Griffin in the match of the regular NBA championship with the Boston Celtics (102:113) received a technical foul for throwing the ball at the referee.

During one of the stops of the game in the final quarter, the clippers uncomfortable leader threw the ball to referee for the start of a new attack, but he failed to catch it.

Griffin received a technical foul, and then told the referee using foul language: “Why should I give the money due to the fact that you can’t catch the ball?”.


Blake to the ref after receiving tech: “So I gotta pay money cause you can’t f—king catch?” *NSFW*

Does, polirani Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) 24 Sich 2018 R. 10:11 PST

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