Grind. The inauguration was appointed, did not make everyone happy

Вымучили. Инаугурацию назначили, довольны не все

The swearing in of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky will take place on may 20, the decision was supported by 315 MPs.

The Verkhovna Rada has set the date for the inauguration of newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky. He will be sworn in may 20.

Zelensky wanted may 19 and fighting with deputies, had ideas even on 28 may or 1 June. But now all these disputes are closed. Monday, may 20, 10:00, conference hall of the Verkhovna Rada. gathered the reaction to this long-awaited decision.

What do Zelensky

The purpose of inauguration of newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky on may 20, the deputies decided to “screw the Ukrainian people” and created problems for foreign visitors, said Zelensky counselor for political issues Dmitry Razumkov.

“Part of people’s deputies decided to go in any way, but would not support the proposals of the President (Zelensky), and those citizens of Ukraine who supported him in the election,” he said.

In addition, the Razumkov said that the Parliament has created a huge discomfort to the residents of Kiev appointing the inauguration is not a day off, and on the first day of the working week.

He is convinced that and invited international delegations would be much easier to adapt to the day and adjust their schedules.

According to Razumkov, the decision of the people’s deputies harms the image of Ukraine.

“Parliament has finally determined the date of the inauguration. MPs on reflection it took almost a month. I hope that in the future the Verkhovna Rada will take a decision without delay,” wrote Zelensky himself on Twitter.

As will be?

The event will be broadcast live on national television and other national channels.

Procedure of inauguration provides that at the beginning of the hymn of Ukraine, then the Verkhovna Rada Chairman informs about the present. After that, the Chairman of the CEC announces the election results.

Ukraine’s President-elect puts his hand on the Constitution and, if desired, on the Peresopnytsia gospel, and declares an oath to the Ukrainian people, signs it and sends to the President of the constitutional Court.

Next, the Chairperson will announce that the newly elected President took on the post of the head of state and head of the CEC will award Zelensky the certificate of the President of Ukraine.

The new President also handed the official symbols of the power standard, mark of the President, the official seal and Mace, and he from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada needs to make his inaugural speech.

Since then, the Vladimir Zelensky will officially take the post of President of Ukraine.


Businessman Igor Kolomoisky promised to come to Ukraine after the inauguration Zelensky, but according to media reports on Thursday landed in the river.

Kolomoisky came to Ukraine in the company of the people’s Deputy from the party of Revival of Andrew SHIPKA and co-owner of 95 quartertime of Mindich.

On the dissolution of Parliament?

Faction popular front for may 17, plans to hold a meeting to consider the issue of exit from the parliamentary coalition, Interfax-Ukraine, citing a source.

In addition, the Ukrainian Pravda reports that this feature is considered in the Block of Petro Poroshenko.

It is noted that Petro Poroshenko really thinks about early elections.

First, his campaign headquarters are ready for the elections, and this saves time and money.

Second, Glad there is less time to cancel the majority system, because mazhoritarshchik in favor of early elections.

Thirdly, the competitors in the electoral field do not have time to launch a new political project, and the chance to take votes BPP reduced.

Political strategist Oleg Pasternak believes that the dissolution of Parliament is beneficial to the majority of political forces. Including team Zelensky.

“Many constituencies is beneficial because lying will not be able to adopt a new electoral system. Elections will be held according to the old, and it is a chance of passage in Parliament according to their majority enclaves and districts. Also, the dissolution will Batkivshchyna, opposition bloc, because they receive enough votes in the Wake of the presidential election campaign. Even part of the PPB is interested in this, because if they don’t fall into the list of renewed Solidarity, you can go to the Parliament on majority districts”, – said the expert.

However, according to him, surrounded by Zelensky also, it is believed that it is not necessary to dissolve the Rada.

“The new President plans to upgrade the electoral system – open lists. And it needs time to consider either a draft electoral code, which is now in Parliament dust falls. Either we need a new law, but then you need to ruin the draft electoral code. Plus, not everyone is convinced that they will be able to get the vote in the majoritarian constituency, if the election system will stay the same. Therefore, part of the team Zelensky there are doubts – is it worth it all to dissolve,” says Pasternak.