Grineva candidacy for the post of head of the faction offered Lutsenko

Кандидатуру Грынива на пост главы фракции предложил Луценко

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a discussion of organizational issues for the meeting of the faction was not, but the newly appointed Prosecutor General Ihor Lutsenko – was. This was announced after the meeting of its newly elected head Igor gryniv.

“Mr Miller was not present at the organizational issues, and Yuri V. attended organizational issues, and I think this is correct, we formally released him from the duties of the Chairman of the faction, thanked him for his work. I am pleased that my candidacy was offered by Yuri V., because it should be the consistency of the work of the faction. That is, today, the faction has continued its work, and the faction continues its cooperation within the coalition, which is today in the Parliament,” he said.

Recall now the Gryn has headed fraction “Blok Petro Poroshenko” in Parliament.

Last week the head of the faction PPO Yuriy Lutsenko was appointed the attorney General. Previously the PPB stated that after the appointment of Lutsenko to the Prosecutor General and the faction of the BPP, most likely, will be headed by one Deputy faction.