Groisman calculated how much he has left until retirement

Гройсман подсчитал, сколько ему осталось до пенсии

The Prime Minister has 23 years of experience

The Prime Minister will be retired 21 years later.

Prior to retirement, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman remained for 21 years. To date, his length of service is 23 years. This Groisman said at a briefing in Lutsk, UNIAN reports.

“I’m 39 years before retirement I remained for 21 years. I have work experience of 23-24 years. In fact, I left a year and a half to get 25 years working experience. By and large, if we priplyusuem 21 years, which left me to retirement and 23 years of experience, 44 years of seniority, and at the moment we need 25,” he said.

He noted that the government had established a fair system, which will pay tribute to those who worked honestly and paid contributions to the pension Fund.

“Following the recalculation of pensions will be in 2019. It will be another step that will enable us to increase pensions. We have made some steps that have given us the opportunity to raise pensions and to make allocation for 9 million pensioners”, – he added.
Recall, 3 October, Parliament adopted a pension reform, which envisages the modernization of pensions since October, and raising the minimum insurance period for retirement from 15 to 25 years from 1 January 2018. Three days later, President Petro Poroshenko has signed this law.

The law on increase of pensions, the launching of the so-called pension reform entered into force on 11 October.