Groisman “framed” during a conversation about the scrap metal experts

Гройсмана "подставили" во время разговора о металлоломе - эксперты

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman

The theme of the premiere was not familiar, experts say.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman tried to use while talking about the illegal export of scrap metal abroad, which took place on the eve in Odessa. About this in Facebook wrote the head of the Association “Metallurgprom” Alexander Kalenkov.

“His, expressed in the vernacular, “framed” on the subject, which was clearly not familiar with. There is a court decision: stop the illegal export of scrap. Why illegal – it was taken behind the scenes, not in concert with the regulatory service and the Ministry of justice. Odessa Governor and the Deputy chief of the Odessa customs asking to cancel the decision of the court is to authorize the export of strategic raw materials, without which “suffocates” the Ukrainian industry. Prime “no clue”, but should respond immediately – everything is broadcast live. Promises to apply “to the authorities”, – writes Kalenkov.

In his opinion, the correct decision would be not to appeal to the authorities, and “appeal to the conscience of the Odessa provocateurs”.

“There is a worrying trend – scrap collection in Ukraine is falling. The value of MMC for Ukrainian industry is huge – it is 30% of foreign exchange earnings and 10% of GDP. The lack of scrap affects the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies. Aggravate her – a crime,” writes Kalenkov.

Also the head of the “Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine” Sergei Belenky indicates that yesterday in Odessa took place the open “lobbying” public servants have business interests in live.

“The original method open “lobbying” for civil servants of the business interests live. The officer obviously feels that this “smell of fried”, even the word “scrap” is afraid to pronounce – uses the phrase “ferrous metal waste”. In what may be the interest of the customs officer? Consider the rhetorical question,” writes the expert.

Earlier Natspolitsiya demanded by the Ministry to stop the illegal decisions on the export of scrap metal.